Jewelry packaging ideas that out-dazzle any diamond

Jewelry packaging is a key component of your semi-precious product’s overall design. From diamonds to diamantes, when your product is as delicate and ornate as jewelry, your packaging has to work twice as hard in being as protective as it is attractive.

Not only must it assure the consumer of the quality and value of what’s inside it, but it has to protect the product inside from damage during shipping. It also must often provide safety and cleaning tips, instructions and even styling suggestions, with these printed on outer layers or inserts. Take a look at some of the great jewelry packaging designs we’ve collected below.

Jewelry packaging ideas
eco-friendly jewelry packaging box

What to consider when you’re designing jewelry packaging?

When you’re designing jewelry packaging, think about the following factors:

Where is the jewelry being sold?

Off store shelves, or via ecommerce? Jewelry that will be shipped needs more protective packaging than jewelry taken off shelves. This can mean a larger box to accommodate bubble wrap, more layers of interior packaging, or simply a sturdier box.

What kind of jewelry is it?

Earrings can be packaged on cardstock, whereas bracelets are often packed in boxes. Choose packaging that not only presents your jewelry in an appealing way, but keeps it safe—a delicate necklace will tangle if it’s simply dropped into a box, and earrings can be lost in a large pouch or plastic bag, for example.

What’s your budget for packaging?

A higher budget doesn’t just mean more options, it means higher-quality options.

How much packaging do you need?

In other words, do you need simple cardstock holders or multiple layers of packaging for each piece?

Your answers to these questions will help you determine which kind of packaging is ideal for your product, like a box versus a bag or tube. Once you have the practical aspects of jewelry packaging design worked out, think about how you can communicate your brand persona through your packaging design. Ask yourself the following:

What is your brand?

How can your packaging design communicate this brand persona?

Who is your demographic?

A buyer who seeks handmade jewelry at artisan markets has different wants and expectations from somebody buying jewelry at an upscale department store counter.

What is your desired aesthetic?

Would you prefer packaging that makes the jewelry itself the main focus, or packaging that’s so decorative, it’s a feature in its own right?
Jewelry packaging ideas

If you’re not 100% sure who you are as a brand, take some time to do a few branding exercises designed to help you dial in your brand persona. You can also seek inspiration from other brands’ jewelry packaging designs. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered…

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Jewelry packaging ideas that out-dazzle any diamond

Jewelry packaging is a key component of your semi-precious product’s overall design. From diamonds to…

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