PU 3 Layer Jewelry Storage Organizer Box Display Case Cabinet Lockable Gift Case

This is a beautiful jewelry storage box. It’s a three layer box in which has different structure. As a result, you can display lots of various kinds of jewelries, including earrings, necklace, rings, watch etc. As the flexible double metal holders, it’s easy to form a semi-open state, no need holding with hands all the time. In order to protect these jewelries, delicate claimond veins material is adopted inside for against scratch. Most important, it is equipped with a durable lock and a key, you will be feel free to lock the box if you want. So just try it.




1. Three layer design, the first layer has 3 grids of different shapes, the second layer with 2 big grids, and the third layer has 6 small girds.
2. A good way for your jewelry storage, convenient and easy collection.
3. Double metal holders are flexible to form a semi-open state, no need holding with hands all the time.
4. Adopted delicate claimond veins material inside for your jewelry protection against scratch.
5. Exquisite PU handle with good durability simultaneously comfortable hand touch.
6. Portable lock is glossy, durable, uneasy to fade, and simple to use.
7. Makes it become a good gift for your friends, family, girls.


1. Material: PU
2. Color: White, Watermelon Red, Black(Optional)
3. Hardness: Hard
4. Style: EU and US Style
5. Item Size: Approx. 17.5 * 14 * 13cm / 6.9 * 5.5 * 5.1inch
6. Package Weight: Approx. 800-831g
7. Item Type: Jewelry Storage Box
8. Function: Jewelry Collection and Storage

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